Riviera Beach Volleyball is the first sporting event that, for number of fields (da14 up to 20), number of players and visitors, boasts the unique in Liguria.
It is a spectacular summer meeting in Finale Ligure (SV), a city rich in cultural events and European Capital of Outdoor (climbing and mountain biking). The event is dedicated to all those who wish to share a weekend at the beach made of beach volleyball, stunning beaches, entertainment, music and lots of fun.
Finale Ligure, thanks to a historic center built right on the seafront, its beautiful beaches, its modern square, offers the ideal setting to organize a 360° event that in addition to the sporting spectacle, offering events and entertainment.




BEACH & BEER (free beer every set won - no cost) 


2x2 M/F and PARTY ON THE BEACH  from 18 to 23:30 


4X4 MIXED & 2X2 MIXED(available contemporary!)



Partecipation is open to teams of athletes of any level of play, divided into the categories:


- 2 × 2 MALE (no age limit)
- 2 × 2 FEMALE (no age limit)


- 2 × 2 MIXED (a man and a woman without age limit)
- 4 × 4 MIXED (two men and two women, no age limit)

For category 4 × 4 Mixed is granted the use of MAXIMUM 2 RESERVES, one male and one female.




Beach & Beer (Friday - from 19 to 24 hours)
The first 32 mixed couples who have completed enrollment properly is guaranteed the free entry to the Beach & Beer Friday night. To subscribe simply report the couple participating on the Facebook page of Riviera Beach Volley or by e-mail. It will be played on a single field in the following way: always with the formula set only at the beginning of each race (which will be played to 21 points with no killer) a free pint of beer for himself and a small beer for her. The third set won consecutively gadgets and additional complimentary beer!

Pool and maindraw (Saturday 2x2 m / f, Sunday 4x4 and 2x2 mixed)
For all competitions there is a group consisting of 4 September TEAMS A UNIQUE TO 21 WITH KILLER POINT 23. Saturday 2x2 male and female access based on the results to miaidraw GOLD and SILVER (A ELIMINATION, SET, NO ONE TO 21 KILLER POINT) in order to approve the level of play. During Sunday's 4x4 and 2x2 mixed will access the group (not eliminated) will follow a single board.
As regards the rules 4x4 mixed beach volleyball with volleyball rules on second touch therefore extremely relieved on double taxation.

Check qualifying results
During the qualifying teams are obliged to check the exact transcription of the final results of its meetings on the race reports to be delivered to this field responsible person in charge for the proper conduct of the game and to the communication of reports to central desk. Transferred the results to the central desk there are no changes to the skilled.

In the qualifying round arbitrage will be performed in rotation by the athletes on the recommendation of the central desk. In the backboard knockout instead the pair defeated output will be called to officiate the next game. In gold backboards from the semi-final matches will be directed by federal referees.
All matches will be inspired by the principle of "fair play", the athletes will have to accept the referee's decisions and maintain a respectful attitude towards all participants; if not, at the discretion of the organizers, it is expected exclusion from the tournament without prior reimbursement from the organization.

The reserve athlete is in effect a team member in order to participate will therefore register as the other components necessary to regulate. The ability to have the reserve is dedicated exclusively to the 4x4 Mixed game category. To enroll you must fill in the form that is in the modules section indicating the team registration code. The reserve is not considered replacement during the game but was held to support the 'entire set.
See the registration form for the reserves in the website registration.

Adverse weather and other external events
The event will take place in all weather conditions. It is understood that in the presence of particular adverse weather conditions (or other external events) the organization, in its sole discretion, may decide the temporary or permanent suspension of the meetings and evening parties without entailing must be repaid.