Participate in Riviera Beach Volley May 2017 is simple:

1) Fill out the form with your personal data by specifying the formulas you want to participate (2x2 m / f, 4x4 mixed, mixed 2x2, beach & beer). You will receive a registration code;

2) Make the payment by bank transfer;

3) Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. shows team members' names and their carrying code attaching a copy of the bank transfer, once you have received confirmation you will be regularly registered!

4) Bring with you a valid medical certificate on the day of check-in!
NOTE: Also Enrolling in one tournament you will automatically get the right to participate in the BEACH & BEER for free (until exhaustion of the 32 pairs)!



Subscription Form

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- A TOURNAMENT: € 30 (2x2 male / female or mixed or mixed 2x2 4x4);
- TWO TOURNAMENTS: € 40 (2X2 male / female + mixture of 2x2 or 2x2 m / f + 4x4 mixed, or even mixed mixed 2x2 + 4x4);
- THREE TOURNAMENTS: € 50 (2X2 m / f mixed 4x4 + 2x2 + mixed).

Registration must be completed by payment by bank transfer. Finally attach the registration by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) a copy of the payment receipt together with the registration code obtained with the application form.

The bank transfer must be made in favor of RIVIERA BEACH VOLLEY ASD.

Nominee:                                  RIVIERA BEACH VOLLEY ASD
Iban:                                             IT40I0617549413000004308180 
                                                         Banca Carige  Agenzia 2 – Finale Ligure
Description of payment:     RBV19 - Surnames PLAYERS

Membership in the tournament must be completed no later than SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

Confirmation of participation will be sent by the organization via e-mail within the next five working days upon receipt of the required documentation; if not confirmed, after five working days following the documentation, please contact the secretariat.
To the recesses of the enrollment contract that take place within 20 days of the start of the tournament no refund will be made.

ATTENTION: Your subscription does not include the membership Fipav. For non-members there is a temporary membership fee of EUR 5.00 Fipav to be paid at the time of check-in at registration. To members it will be instead required the tax code for immediate certification through the Fipav national database. (The membership has temporary validity contingent on the individual event duration).

ACCOMPANYING FEE (PACKAGE) - EUR 10,00 to be paid directly to the check-in where he will receive a special bracelet.

- Gaming Official Vest
- Medical care with an ambulance and medical personnel during sports activities          and  evening parties
- Entrance to the beach and evening parties
- Agreement with the establishments restaurants and bars
- Agreements with hotels and accommodation

The accompanying fees include:
- Entrance to the beach and evening parties
- Gaming official Vest
- lunches conventions
- Agreements with hotels and accommodation

And 'required Fipav card valid. For those unable to require a medical certificate of good health; at check-in the team's manager (or his delegate) will hand over it for each team member. After his meetings, the athletes will be able to withdraw their medical certificates at the area secretary of check-in; please note that you will not ask the organizers to send medical certificates in the days following the event.

Anyone looking for a team in which to play, or those who could not find a / a partner / a to complete, will be able to fill out the entry form indicating their data and the tournament formula that wants to participate by specifying the team try . The organization will contact you soon will find a partner or a team to participate in the tournament.